Practice areas

De Roos & Pen handles all aspects of criminal law. More specifically, it has expertise in the following sectors.

(Air) traffic criminal law

(Air) traffic law is a specialist sector of criminal law now that traffic is largely subject to regulation. Great demands are placed on drivers of vehicles due to the importance of traffic safety. In alleged violations stern action is frequently taken resulting in a driving ban, which can have an enormous impact on the defendant’s working life. The office has gained a great deal of expertise in violations of the Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations and the Road Traffic Act, driving bans, aptitude tests and suchlike.

Air traffic law is a very specialised field, now that air traffic is almost completely regulated by a large number of conventions, laws and guidelines. The public prosecutor is also involved in alleged air traffic violations. De Roos & Pen is one of the few criminal law offices in the Netherlands that has a great deal of expertise in-house concerning air traffic law.