Practice areas

De Roos & Pen handles all aspects of criminal law. More specifically, it has expertise in the following sectors.

Internal investigations /audits

Over the last few years, De Roos & Pen has built up a great deal of experience in performing internal investigations and audits; varying from fairly limited client and transaction investigations up to complex and detailed fraud investigations.

In these cases, De Roos & Pen works together with forensic accountants and other external experts, as well as – if requested – experts employed by the client. The office is mainly specialised in directing and controlling forensic audits, aimed at achieving a useful result that can be used in practice without the need for further interpretation. The office’s approach is always to resolve criminally culpable problems with supervisors, the public prosecutor and the Tax and Customs Administration, among others. In the process, reports from De Roos & Pen play a significant role while the authority that the office has established is often of crucial importance.

The practical approach can also be seen when making recommendations to clients in the area of compliance, varying from know your customer obligations in the provision of financial services to codes of conduct in the real estate world. Results of internal investigations can in this way be directly applied to problem solving.

It goes without saying that confidentiality is guaranteed since investigations by De Roos & Pen (rather than, for example, auditor investigations) take place on the basis of the legally established lawyer-client privilege.