Practice areas

De Roos & Pen handles all aspects of criminal law. More specifically, it has expertise in the following sectors.


Cybercrime is a collective term for all types of crime in which computers and networks play an essential role. In a  narrower sense cybercrime means any felony that cannot be committed without the intervention of computers or networks, such as hacking, spamming or performing DDoS attacks. Aside we can outline ‘digitized crime’, where general criminal offenses may be committed on a much wider scale through the use of computer technology, such as crimes of expression on social media, Internet scams and money laundering by means of digital payment systems.

As a large part shift of our daily lives shifts to the digital world, we also see a significant shift of real-world crime to cybercrime. The government recognizes this shift and keeps introducing new specific cybercrime regulations regarding both the drafting of new offences and the creation of new investigative powers. Cybercrime also often brings along complex jurisdictional questions and multi-faceted international legal assistance issues.

De Roos & Pen possesses the specialist knowledge of both regulation and practice that is necessary for the proper handling of complex  cybercrime cases. The lawyers of the Roos & Pen advise several international (listed) ISPs about their rights and obligations on the internet have a great deal of experience in handling  (international) cybercrime cases. They regularly lecture on cybercrime and are involved in ongoing discussions about proposed government policy regarding digital surveillance and monitoring.