Practice areas

De Roos & Pen handles all aspects of criminal law. More specifically, it has expertise in the following sectors.

Fraud investigation

A ‘fraud investigation’ can include a wide range of culpable offences. These might include bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, benefit fraud, construction fraud, real estate fraud, credit fraud and VAT fraud. De Roos & Pen offers specialised legal assistance for all such fraud investigations and has proven expertise. For example, De Roos & Pen has defended various suspects in prominent fraud investigations such as the Click Fund Case, the Construction Fraud and the Real Estate Fraud.

The consequences of such fraud cases can be drastic. It is not unusual for suspects to be arrested and detained in preventative custody. De Roos & Pen assists suspects during questioning by the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD), provides support during searches, maintains contact with the FIOD and the public prosecutor and seeks possibilities to close the criminal prosecution, preferably without having to go to trial.