Practice areas

De Roos & Pen handles all aspects of criminal law. More specifically, it has expertise in the following sectors.

Financial criminal law

It is not rare for banks and financial institutions to come into conflict with financial criminal law. They are confronted with a complicated legal framework of laws, recommendations, guidelines and suchlike and are regularly under criminal investigation due to a violation of these rules. Allegations of offences under the financial criminal law may concern the use of insider knowledge of IPOs or secondary share offerings, prospectus fraud, or other acts that are punishable under the financial supervision law. De Roos & Pen offers specialised legal support in financial criminal law.

In addition, financial institutions (and other companies outside the financial sector) are subject to extensive compliance requirements, for example to prevent involvement in money laundering. Deficiencies in the internal compliance structure are currently quickly considered as (culpable) money laundering. De Roos & Pen’s lawyers command great expertise and experience in this field.