Firm overview

Working method and added value

De Roos & Pen strives for a personal approach to its clients and a highly qualified provision of services, where academic depth is combined with a practical attitude. In view of this, the hourly rates utilised by De Roos & Pen are considered extremely reasonable, compared to various other offices offering a similar level of expertise.

For De Roos & Pen the quick and efficient solution to the client’s problem is central. Because De Roos & Pen is able to offer specialist knowledge in all areas of criminal law, every client gets adequate legal support or advice. De Roos & Pen guarantees immediate action when needed, if necessary 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Complex cases are in principle handled by two lawyers so that continuity of legal assistance is guaranteed, even during holidays or sick leave. The lawyers regularly discuss the case and synchronise their strategy. Consequently, the knowledge available within our office is used to the greatest advantage. Additionally the office provides a network of specialists in fields other than criminal law who can be consulted if necessary.