Firm overview


De Roos & Pen specialises in financial economic and criminal tax law and is recognised both internationally and within the Netherlands as an authority in this field. As a result, the office also has a great deal of expertise and experience in handling complex fraud cases. Lawyers from De Roos & Pen have supported a variety of clients, individuals as well as companies, in for example the ‘Clickfonds’ case, the Construction Fraud (‘Bouwfraude’) and the more recent Real Estate Fraud (‘Vastgoedfraude’).

Additionally, lawyers from De Roos & Pen conduct internal investigations, mainly on behalf of the financial sector, and offer advice about compliance and corporate governance. As a result of this specialization, De Roos & Pen frequently serves international (often American) companies that have interests in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe.

Yet De Roos & Pen has never forgotten its social roots. The office expanded in the 1980’s when it made its name supporting squatters, among others. As a result of its history, the general criminal practice has never lost its place at the heart of the office. De Roos & Pen still frequently assists clients in cases of money laundering, drugs and/or cases involving violence.

Thanks to the scale of the office – De Roos & Pen is regarded as a (medium) large criminal law office – the office is always ready to put together a reliable team of lawyers for every acute criminal law problem.