General terms

Imprisoned clients

  1. The Firm emphatically draws the attention of clients who have been remanded in custody by a judge to the following.
  2. Regarding the case for which you have been remanded in custody by a judge, you are eligible for subsidized legal aid. You are also eligible for such subsidized legal aid if you have previously been remanded in custody by a judge in the case in which you are currently being represented or if you are currently in custody for a different case than the one in which you are being represented. If you have chosen not to make use of these possibilities, then the financial conditions as stated under 17 to 28 of these Terms and Conditions are applicable.
  3. If the appointed subsidized legal aid as defined in Article 30 was registered after 1 March 2017, the Legal Aid Board may, in case of a final conviction, recover the costs of legal aid from you if your income and/or assets exceed the standards specified in the Legal Aid Act. These standards are indexed annually and can be found on
  4. The reference year for this assessment of income and assets is set at two years prior to the registration of the subsidized legal aid as referred to in Article 30. It is possible file a request with the Legal Aid Board to move the reference year to the year of the registration itself. More information about the possibility of moving the reference year can be found on